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Hello Everyone!

Fabric and food are a constant inspiration for me.  I’m always creating something new and coming up with ideas for quilts, baskets bags and scrap fabric projects.  Barely a day goes by that I’m not cooking up something with seasonal ingredients and creating new recipes and projects.

I also love fabric scraps. They provide inspiration for quilts, baskets, bags, mats, twine and other sewing projects. I can’t resist them. Pieces which might otherwise be discarded, can be made into items of beauty.

Food and fabrics have endless possibilities and I especially like to take simple fabrics or foods and turn them into something  really lovely.    Whenever possible I will share my quilt stories and inspiration, recipes I create, free patterns and tutorials and tips for sewing.  I’m incorporating some antique and vintage sewing machines.  I’m no expert but I love to be able to make simple repairs and get them back to sewing and preserve their beauty.  They are a great tool for quilting and piecing as the straight seams are exceptional and they really are economical compared with modern machines. and they look great!



I am sharing my inspirations and ideas for seasonal cooking and textile inspirations.  I hope I can give you some useful ideas too.   I am not selling anything, nor am I affiliated with any retail business or supplier.  The information on this site I am sharing is only in the interests of creativity.


If you would like further information on any of these projects, feel free to let me know

I hope you enjoy my posts!

19 thoughts on “Welcome to susies‑scraps.com”

  1. Susie, we at Orange Tree quilters wish to thank you for bringing the two boxes of fabric to us to use in our quilts for sick children.we understand that the fabric came from one of you friends, so do thank her for us. Let’s all keep sewing!cheers June

    1. Dear Marie, that’s sounds wonderful. You would need at least 2 metres, or 2.2 yards for the background. If you like to pre wash your fabric like me, then I would suggest getting a bit more. You will need at least 70 cm of fabric for the binding. I would love to see your finished quilt. 💕 All the best with your project! Susie

  2. I have been searching all over for the material you, Susie, used in your Nine Patch Delft Blue quilt posted May of 2015. Can you help me find this blue delft rose material? Thank you so much.

    1. Dear Jan, I recently saw this fabric at a craft fair. I should have bought it for you! 😐 I suggest looking/asking at some destash groups, but I must add that I believe you could substitute another fabric with the same tones of blue and white and still get a very similar result. Just think of the fabric as colour. I have also seen similar styles of faric at Spotlight not so long ago. All the best to you. Susie

  3. i am enjoying your recipes, your quiIts, and especially the fact that the way you present everything is just Iike you are speaking directIy to us- not just a tutorial, i Iove the stories- thats what quiIting was about in my granny/s
    – community- Iove and sharing. thanks so very much for brightening my day!

  4. Just looking for a ‘subscribe’ to your site and not seeing it except the “notify” below. Will that do it? I hope so. What a nice place to do some reading with a morning cup of coffee!

  5. Hi just found your site and I love it. My sister is a quilter also my best friend so that has put me off trying. Your work is beautiful and I can’t wait to try your food. I have old machines Singer 66 treadle 128 hand crank 201 electric and I am in the UK.

    1. Dear Lucy. Thank you for your lovely comments! How exciting that you have some VSM Singers too! Maybe you will try some quilting? Don’t worry, we were all beginners once. Have a lovely day!

  6. I feel so lucky to have found your site I love it and will come back omg I haven’t checked it all out yet..
    Thank You so much

    1. Wow just love your site, thanks for sharing have some interesting things to check out, love your quilts will keep in touch Jan

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